You Have To See What Happened When He Jumped On A Treadmill – I’m Speechless

Treadmills are a great way for people to exercise and lose that last bit of weight. Yet for some, running on a treadmill can be extremely boring. After all, you”re not really running anywhere on the machine, and there isn”t much to look at aside from yourself if there”s a mirror nearby.

That”s why it”s important to spice up your treadmill workouts. Fortunately for this man, he discovered the ultimate way to bring excitement into his treadmill routine: by adding a dance number to it.

(source Carson Dean)

If this doesn”t totally make you want to dance on the treadmill, then nothing will. This man obviously had a ton of practice doing this, so don”t just hop on a treadmill and think you”re going to be able to dance on it. Please be safe!