Xbox One Pulls Back to First Place in Amazon Pre-orders… Kind Of

Xbox One is back on #1 on Amazon’s pre-order list, but is Microsoft still beating Sony in console sales?

“It’s like watching a horse race!”

“Yeah, for people who don’t have lives.”

The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have been passing the #1 spot on the Amazon pre-order charts back and forth over the last month.

Earlier on, the Xbone was running ahead by about 2.3% on Amazon UK.

After the disastrous marketing nightmare that was Microsoft’s show at E3, and the internet’s tinfoil-induced rampage with cat gifs, Game of Thrones references, and much face-stomping, the Xbone slipped from the #1 spot to #3, lagging behind both the PS4 and the PS3 exclusive The Last of Us.

Now, after yesterday’s reveal that Microsoft will be removing Xbox One’s DRM (that is, an internet connection won’t be required to play offline games, and that players will be able to trade in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc-based games just like always), the Xbone is once again back on the top of the Amazon pre-order charts.

However, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

While the Xbone is back at the top of the pre-order list, the PS4 is gunning close behind at 3rd place. Furthermore, in 4th and 5th place, are the Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4 PS4 bundles.

With this in mind, can it really be said that the Xbox One is still ahead in sales?