WoW 5.3 Spoilers: A (Semi-)Thorough Look at the Datamined Content

Tons of awesome spoilers for WoW 5.3.


Snagged off of the World of Warcraft’s official site’s media section, I chose the header image to remind you of Thrall’s biggest booboo he made back in Cataclysm.His conversations with his baby’s mama probably go something like this:

Aggra: Thrall, look, I know you needed to save the world and all, but couldn’t you have put Saurfang, Eitrigg, Cairne, Vol’Jin, Sylvanas, or even Lor’thewho in charge when you left?

Thrall: Aggra, comments like that make me feel belittled as an Orc.

What happened to you, Thrall? (Remember this.)


Garrosh’s warmongering is finally catching up to him in WoW 5.3 in the form of a Troll-led revolution. In response to this in WoW 5.3, he has cracked down on the Darkspear. Courtesy of MMO-Champion, here are some images of what life is like for them now:

In the Valley of Spirits, there is now a ton of Kor’kron Overseers. They are being treated with no respect or trust whatsoever. They even took away the snake merchant’s snakes (I cried.)

Seen outside of Orgrimmar are trolls being lined up to be shot, as well as trolls being fed to protodrakes by Warlord Zaela. Those that are not executed seem to mostly be kept on their knees or locked up inside of cages.

In Razor Hill, there is an increased presence of Orc guards. In Sen’jin village, the trolls are strengthening their defenses with more Sen’jin Watchers who openly talk about the revolution.

“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: everywhere is war.” – Vol’jin on the Darkspear Revolution of 29. Or Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I; I forget which.

The Kor’kron are even showing up in the Barrens. In WoW 5.3, players will be doing quests all over Durotar and even in the Barrens.


This patch is rife with some exciting bits of dialogue.

I am not ashamed to admit that Thralls datamined dialogue sent shivers down my spine. The thought of my favorite Warcraft character since WC3 first came out possibly dying is enough to make me choke up a bit, even if I’m not exactly fond of his leaving the Horde or his current boring married lifestyle.

Another audio bit that moved me a bit was Vol’jin‘s dialogue. “Look at us three, back to the sands of old Durotar. It be just like old times.” Since Vol’jin will be with Chen, one could assume he’s speaking to either Rexxar or Thrall and making a reference to the Founding of Durotar from Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne. It hits you directly in your nostalgia.

Baine‘s dialogue seems to just be him discussing the plans for assisting Vol’jin in revolution. Cairne would be so proud.

Pour a 40oz. out for my boy. Rest in peace, my brother from another Earthmother.

On a lighter note, the legendary quest line with everyone’s favorite son of Deathwing continues. Wrathion‘s dialogue is filled with some hilarious dialogue and even more amusing battle grunts.

In this part of the legendary quest line, you must accompany Wrathion as he tries to convince Xuen, Chiji, Yulon, and Niuzao to assist his cause. The two of you must prove your worth to the August Celestials.

One quest the player gets sent on by Chen Stormstout involves meeting Seer Hao Pham Roo (an anagram of Emperor Shaohao.) Through his dialogue, he reveals that it was his inability to give up his pride that covered Pandaria in the mists. This bit of dialogue also reveals the seventh and final Sha: the Sha of Pride.

Assumedly coming from the WoW 5.3 Dark Heart of Pandaria scenario, we get to hear Y’shaarj talk. For you Old God fans, this is pretty awesome. They do a great job of making him truly frightening.

Lastly, the rest of the dialogue comes from the WoW 5.3 Blood in the Snow scenario. King Varian Wrynn, Moira, and Lorewalker Cho all have some dialogue revolving around Alliance players’ fighting of frostmane trolls.


In an exchange between the Shado-Pan’s Taran Zhu and Sunwalker Dezco, the Tauren has to do his best to convince Taran to allow the Horde to stay in Pandaria despite the excavation and destruction of the Vale per Garrosh’s command.

All in all, WoW patch 5.3 seems like it makes up for its lack of new PvP and raid content in its amount of crazy lore developments.