Will This Conservative Political Ad Cause Liberal Heads to Explode?

We love creative and compelling political ads, especially ones that boldly go where so many timid candidates dare not tread. And when these ads are eagerly offered by conservative candidates, we like to give em a hearty shout out.

So, how about this TV spot from an Iowa Republican vying for her partys nomination in the upcoming U.S. Senate race? Take a look and see if you agree this pistol-packin mama goes after political correctness with deadly aim.

Herewith, Give Me a Shot:

By the way, in her last television ad, Joni Ernst bragged about castrating hogs as she promised to cut wasteful spending in Washington, D.C.

NOTE: Our sharing of this TV ad for Joni Ernst does not suggest or imply that LibertyNEWS.com supports or endorses her candidacy. (We just thought the spot was courageously cool.)

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