WATCH: GOP Candidates Agree: Ronald Reagan Is The Best Living President (VIDEO)

CNNs Chris Moody decided to have some fun with the occupants of the 2016 Republican Clown Car at the South Carolina Freedom Summit by asking them one simple question: Who is the best President alive today?

Such a conundrum. With the choices being three Democrats and two Bushes, each and every one struggled for an answer.

Rick Perry simply ignored Moody and declined to participate.

Scott Walker and his ridiculous bald spot said probably Bush, but probably couldnt figure out why, since he walked away without elaborating.

Ben Carson said hed have to think about it.

Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz all picked Ronald Reagan, refusing to give the nod to Democrats or Bushes.

The majority of Republican candidates asked who the greatest living President was picked a man thats been dead for ten years.

All in all its a hilarious look at just how screwed up the Republican field is and just what kind of buffoonery we can look forward to as the primaries arrive. Dontcha just love those Republican debates? Personally I think Chris Moody should moderate. Why listen to two hours of right-wing rhetoric and bible verses when we can all have a good laugh instead?

Watch CNNs Chris Moody make fools of the Republican GOP candidates.

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  • Gurina Kaye Psait

    Bush Jr cause 9/11 for his own gain.

    • runnerrunner

      youre even stupidier and that s not easy.

  • Mark

    Ronald Reagan is as alive today as he was when he was president…

    • HoosierConsumer

      Or at least some version of Ronald Reagan.

      • Mark

        In the eyes of the right Reagan is Immortal. But who else do they have to hang their hat on? Nixon? Gerald Ford? The first Bush? The second Bush? Now they are pushing for a third Bush….Third times the charm, right?
        If you go back a little farther there was dour Cal Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, both good men but their policies led us into the Great Depression. So even an utter failure of a president, like Ronald Reagan, begins to look pretty good compared to the rest of em.

  • lottogirl846

    Im sure they will say they misunderstood the question; just like Jeb.

  • cravin moorehead

    republicans have been trying to embellish Reagans legacy because he was, truly, absolutely the WORST President in American history.

    Reagan began the destruction of the Unions and, the middle class.

    Reagan began packing the Supreme Court with right-wing ideologues.

    Reagan was the first President to commit treason. (Negotiating to have American hostages held until after his inauguration and Iran/Contra)

    Reagan began the transfer of wealth 99% of all Americans to the 1%.

    Reagan tripled our national debt.

    Reagan began the defunding of public education.

    Reagan was nothing more that a demented corporate tool and a minion for the rich.

    • runnerrunner

      Youre really stupid.

      • cravin moorehead

        Thank you for your typical, republican response.

        As usual, you have added NOTHING to the conversation.

        republicans never do.


        • runnerrunner

          Ive posted facts with video proof,Congressional hearings and direct quotes on this site.Ive learned leftists are just to stupid to have a conversation with.All I get is name calling and lies.
          So now Im going with …Youre really stupid.

    • runnerrunner

      BTW…I happened to be serving in Western Europe(what you know as Europe,thx to Reagan) when Reagan bought down the Iron curtain.I was on the Chech border.
      The Easterners coming over knew 1 english word Freedom and one American Name Reagan.Those 120 million people dont think Reagan was the worst President.

      • cravin moorehead

        Thats because he wasnt THEIR President, moron.

        • runnerrunner

          Ok,so Reagan gets no credit for freeing millions upon millions of people because they arent Americans.I think all people matter,but respect your selfish view. However Most by a vast majority agree with me…Look out here come facts……Reagans 525 electoral votes (out of 538) is the highest total ever received by a presidential candidate. His showing ranks fourth by percent electoral votes received (97.58%) out of total available electoral votes, just shy of the 523 out of 531 (98.49%) received by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. Mondales 13 electoral votes is also the second-fewest ever received by a second-place candidate, second only to Alf Landons 8 in 1936. In the national popular vote, Reagan received 58.8% to Mondales 40.6% and his percent margin of victory ranks 7th of all presidential elections. No candidate since then has managed to equal or surpass Reagans 1984 electoral result. Also, no post-1984 Republican candidate has managed to match Reagans electoral performance in the Northeastern United States and in the West Coast states..

          • runnerrunner

            Reagan has mounuments praising him in nations capitals around the world. Obama has a sign in kenya.

  • Pennsylvanianne

    The stupid. It burns.

  • Antonio Norwood

    The Republicans and people who vote for them are the reasons we have such low IQs here.

  • fine53

    Good to know that the GOP is in such capable hands. As always theyre really up to date.

  • Samuel John Vincent

    Well…they couldnt really name 57 states, corpse-man Obama, or Bubba, bang the ugliest woman in the country after I rape them, Clinton. Or how about ol 22% interest Carter…these were some real winners….maybe they should have mentioned Lincoln since they were talking living as influential. You liberal Democrats make me sick….lets see who we can ridicule so we can convince ourselves how clever we are….meanwhile, we dont discuss ides that will get us out of the mess that BOTH parties have got us into….lets elect Hillary…who is demonstrably dishonest…has no accomplishments and who is playing hide and seek to avoid being questioned on her numerous scandals….but our genius, blow-dried, media are complicit in selling this country out for their aggrandizement and power….the funny thing is…they will be the first people lined up against a wall if we fall….and unless you idiots grow a brain…thats where were headed.

    • runnerrunner

      These people are simply to stupid to understand a word you wrote.
      So youre a racist,sorry.

  • runnerrunner

    Hey Topher,why did you guys take down my post exposing your lies.
    Facist much…..I cant blame you,there is no way to defend yourself.
    Ofcourse you can always take solice in …theres a baby being killed right now by choice