US City Uses Technology To Help Parents Safely Abandon Unwanted Infants

Michigan City, near Chicago, US, has just installed its first ‘Safe Haven box’, a high-tech box for mothers to abandon unwanted infants safely and anonymously.

The box, fitted into a wall at Michigan City fire station, uses sensors and a smart locking system to alert authorities when a baby has been placed inside.

ABC7 Chicago

It also contains a small mattress and incubator to keep the baby at a safe temperature.

It’s hoped the Safe Haven box will prevent mothers abandoning babies dangerously, as well as supporting Indiana’s Safe Haven Law which allows a parent 30 days to anonymously give up an infant.

ABC7 Chicago

The idea of the Safe Haven box came from Monica Kelsey, a paramedic at the Michigan City fire station who was herself abandoned at just a few days old. She got the idea when visiting a church in South Africa, she told ABC7 Chicago.

With seven infants abandoned in 15 years in Michigan City alone, it’s certain that this awesome invention will save young lives and support mothers in need.

ABC7 Chicago