Top 5 Sites For Students to Find Work Abroad This Summer

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Jersey Shore

The summer holidays have just begun woohoo! You can breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve submitted all of your essays and exams are finally over. You officially have no obligations until you return to university in September. But what are you going to do with all the free time you now have? Sit on your bum and watch daytime TV? Get drunk in the park every day until the sunshine goes away? Get a crappy job at your local supermarket to supplement your beer fund for next year?

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Although these are all very good ideas, why not try to do something a little more worthwhile with your summer holiday? You should do something that you’ll be able to brag to your friends about. Have amazing adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime! And add an eye-catching experience to your CV. So why not work abroad this summer? It should be easy to find a job using these helpful resources.


The Work Away site is pretty unique in its concept and perfect for anybody hoping to travel on a budget. It involves swapping your services for food and a place to stay. You might end up helping out on a farm or in a hotel or tutoring in English. There are lots of weird and wonderful opportunities all over the globe.


At AuPairWorld there are lots of listings for long and short-term au pair work around the world. So if you’re patient, caring and good with kids you could spend a couple of months living with your host family abroad. You’ll likely have your board covered and get some pocket money on top of that. And you’ll have your time off-duty to explore your surroundings and travel further afield.


Tui Jobs is where you want to look for jobs as a summer rep at a resort. You might know them better as Thomsons. It’s a reputable company so you know they’re not going to mess you about. And this is the kind of work where you’re likely to meet loads of interesting people and enjoy some time in the sun. Take a look at Thomas Cook for similar jobs.


Teaching English as a foreign language can be hugely rewarding. Plus, it’s a great way to earn while you travel because as a native English-speaker you’re in high demand! In many instances you require a TEFL qualification to get a job, but not always. If you aren’t qualified and are struggling to find a position then you can always earn your qualification this summer and use it to work abroad next summer or after uni. You can find work at a TEFL summer camp or check the regular listings for further opportunities.


At Resort Work you can find a tonne of listings for seasonal work at summer resorts and winter resorts (which you can still work at during the summer obv). You’re mostly looking at hospitality and rep jobs which don’t require a lot of experience so you’re likely to be onto a winner here!

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There’s still lots of work abroad opportunities for summer 2015. You could be off to a foreign country in just a few days. So why not visit one of these great sites and find a job abroad now? When looking for work abroad be wary of the sites that charge you to work away. Because really you could book a flight somewhere and find a job when you get there without having to pay anybody!