This Man Hasnt Had A Bath In 60 Years

Amou Haji is possibly the dirtiest man in the world as he claims cleanliness brings him sickness.

The 80-year-old from Iran gave up bathing of any kind 60 years ago and has lived like an animal ever since.

Oh and he also smokes animal poo.


As well as animal feces, Haji also enjoy smoking cigarettes…5 at a time in fact.



Haji lives in a desolate village in a Southern Iranian province and gets by on rotten porcupine meat whilst living in a concrete shack.

In the winter months he moves in to a more sustainable shack that was built for him by local villagers.


But dont be fooled by this shabby exterior.

Haji uses a car rear view mirror on a regular basis to check his looks and keeps his beard at bay by burning the ends with a match.


While for many, the thought of not bathing would turn their stomach, not for this man.

Haji says the thought of a bath after all this time angers him.



Some younger men from the village he lives in tried to get him to wash one, however he later escaped claiming being clean would make him ill.

Haji was once married however he and is wife are now separated and he says he adopted this extreme lifestyle after suffering emotional set backs when he was younger.