This Eco-Friendly Bottle Biodegrades When Empty AND You Can Eat It

In an attempt to tackle the millions of tonnes of plastic littering planet Earth, one Icelandic student has created a fully biodegradable water bottle made from edible algae.

Product design student Ari Jonsson wanted to create a drinking bottle made from a material that, unlike plastic, wouldn’t become a permanent problem for the world when thrown away.


“I read that 50% of plastic is used once and then thrown away. There is an urgent need to find ways to replace some of the unreal amount of plastic we make, use and throw away each day,” said Ari.

Ari stumbled upon a powdered form of agar, made from algae, which forms a jelly-like substance when mixed with water and can be shaped, retaining that shape until it’s drained.


In fact, the weird algae substance is also the main ingredient of a super-trendy new dessert fad sweeping the US.

Once empty, Ari’s eco-friendly bottle will naturally decompose or, if you’re feeling peckish, you can eat it. Sadly, the product is currently just a prototype, so we won’t be munching on our used water-bottles any time soon.

“I can’t claim that this is the perfect soltuion for our problem with plastic bottles,” admits Ari, “But it’s a start.”


“It hopefully helps us to look at new ways to solve the problem [and] the more ways we can tackle this issue the better.”