These Bird Sculptures Are Quite Adorable, But Even More Amazing Up Close

From a distance, these simply look like bird statues, with jewel-like colors and curious expressions. Up close, though, the cute birds turn into breathtaking works of detailed mosaic art. Each one is “feathered” in a series of intricately arranged glass pieces, crystals, and metal. The eyes and beaks are also formed from larger glass pieces, and the mosaics are patterned to mimic the natural patterns of feathers.

(via My Modern Met)

These are the sculptures of artist Dusciana Bravura, who creates birds and other creatures in this incredible and painstaking fashion. The bright, twinkling birds have a mischievous yet playful feeling (even the one holding an eyeball). They call to mind both grand historical mosaics of old, as well as crafts involving beads, glitter, and sequins that you might have enjoyed as a child.

A close-up of the incredible detail that goes into each piece.

Bravura hails from Venice, Italy, which is known for its glass crafting and production, including the millefiori glass found adorning her birds. Bravura herself was educated in the ancient art of mosaic and teaches the craft. With an MFA from the Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna, she seeks to continue the art form of mosaic into the future.

You can see the rest of Bravura”s work on her website and Facebook, which includes other animals, portrait work, interior design work, and handbags.