Nicki Minaj is once again facing heavy criticism, this time accused of glorifying Nazism in her latest music video ‘Only’. The video appears to portray a dictatorship with marching troops, military equipment and – wait for it! – Swastika-style banners.

With this recent news, let’s take a look at five more pop music videos that have also caused their fair share of controversy in the last five years.
5. Hard Out Here – Lily Allen (2013)
While the lyrics were praised for their strong, feminist nature, Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ music video did come under fire. Some critics argued that the use of the black female dancers in the video for twerking was racist and negated the song’s message regarding the objectification of women. It may actually have been meant as a form of satire, but the effect was still the same and it played like any other modern-day pop music video – women showing a lot of skin and dancing provocatively.