Student Was ARRESTED for His Impeach Obama Banner But Then THIS Happened

A student who was arrested and briefly jailed merely for expressing his (low) opinion of Barack Obama, is determined to teach a lesson to those who tried to take away his First Amendment rights.

In June 2014, Police in Democrat-run Nassau County, NY charged Hofstra University senior Danny Martins with disorderly conduct for hanging an Impeach Obama banner, along with an American flag, on an pedestrian overpass of Long Island expressway last year:


Although Nassau County prosecutors argued that the libertarian Martins activities posed a traffic hazard, the trial judge eventually dismissed all charges against Martins, scolding the overzealous parties for their actions.

But Martins was not satisfied with merely being exonerated. So he filed a lawsuit last week against the Nassau County Police Department, as well as the individual officers who arrested him. His attorney is citing the judges censure and is pursuing major monetary damages to teach the Obama gestapo a lesson they wont forget.

Its called the First Amendment freedom of expression.

Martins has been displaying political messages from overpasses since 2013, the Post reported.

Soon others took note of Martins lawsuit on social media. Here are a few examples: