Someones Created An Instagram Dedicated To Miserable Men And Its Hilarious

Everyone knows that if you take men shopping then most of them lose interest in approximately 14 minutes and quickly become extremely miserable.

They often retreat to shopping center benches or changing room chairs to wait for their wives, girlfriends, mothers or even sisters to decide on their new purchases.

Its here where they usually snooze or play on their phones. Well believe it or not some one has turned this notion into an internet sensation.

Miserable Men is an Instagram page that encourages its almost 200,000 followers to send in sneaky snaps of men simply looking miserable whilst out shopping and its more captivating that you might think.

The craze soon caught on as the account now at well over 1000 posts causing, what they say is a global epidemic.

Here are a few of the best from the Miserable Men.