Players Complain About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Lagging Problems

Gamers that have purchased the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare complain about lag compensation and connection issues with its multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer lag issues have plagued Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare due to how it connects gamers together, and some gamers are complaining that it almost makes the mode unplayable.

Because COD:AW uses peer-to-peer connection for their multiplayer matches, the game creates lag compensation. That means anyone that has extremely high ping or an internet connection that’s inconsistent (but not so low that it boots them off the server) will keep the game from running crisp and clean for users that have fast speeds and very low ping.

It’s there to even the playing field, but it’s probably time that Activision finally updates the process of how COD’s multiplayer games are ran.

Gamer complaints on lag issues

Some games, like Titanfall, have moved on to dedicated servers to improve multiplayer experience, but COD still picks random hosts. A number of gamers at NeoGAF have posted their complaints on both Xbox One and PS4.

For example, member Duxx3 said, “It’s ridiculous. I went back to bots after a couple hours. At least it’s consistent, if completely uncompetitive.” In comparison, it “doesn’t perform nearly as well as Titanfall does (when it comes to lag and network stuff). Night and day difference.”

Member Serick said, “Is anyone else experiencing ridiculous lag issues on PS4? 8/10 games the entire game is sitting at one red bar (except the host and maybe 1-2 other players) and the game stutters.”

Member Atilac has the same problems. “PS4 here as well, NAT open, lagfest. Really hope they fix it soon.”

Hopefully some form of dedicated servers are in the future for Call of Duty. If not for this game, for future releases of the popular multiplayer shooter. Are you experiencing any problems with lag in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?