My Review of Respawn’s Titanfall Beta!


Titanfall beta gets a review!

Titanfall is as we know created by former Call of Duty developers that were once apart of Infinity Ward. Upon entering the game for the first time I was shown off to a series of training lessons which I found to be pretty well established for the new players. It gets you well in depth with the game. After the game, instead of instantly jumping into the game I decided to check out the pilot and titan load outs which you would think they are very limited due to it being a beta, but you actually are able to unlock a set of things for the pilot’s load outs.

The primary weapons include:
  1. Smart Pistol MK5 (Pictured below; this weapon allows you to lock onto multiple enemies and get instant kills most of the time, given you let it get a permanent lock-on. Sometimes it may take up to two shots with a permanent lock.)
  2. R-101C Carbine (Also pictured below; A fully automatic assault rifle, which I truly felt is one of the best weapons in the game)
  3. R-97 Compact SMG (Close to medium range weapon fully automatic sub-machine gun with a decent rate of fire)
  4. EVA-8 shotgun (a semi-automatic shotgun that is powerful medium to close range. This weapon, I barely used, but in my time using it I found it to be very reliable)
  5. Longbow-DMR Sniper (A picture with full description is shown below; A semi-automatic sniper rifle with hyper velocity rounds. Personally, I haven’t used this weapon, but I have seen it in action and it just would not be in my taste as most of the matches I have been in have been relatively fast-paced)
You are also equipped with an anti-titan weapon, which are:
  1. The Archer Heavy Rocket fires a homing missile, which usually takes only three seconds to completely lock on to your target (Titan only). I found this weapon to take about two to four shots to take a titan down.
  2. The Sidewinder is a micro-missile launcher that fires at a high rate of fire. I found this weapon to be better used in burst, which will leave you even more vulnerable to the titan and prone to death. Suggestion: Get on rooftops as much as you can with this weapon.

I may have been negative towards the anti-titan weapons, but I assure you, they are great when needed most. Do not fret, for Titanfall also features the ability to “rodeo” a titan, which means you can jump onto an unsuspecting enemy titan and destroy it from being perched atop of it. WARNING: Do not use your anti-titan weapon while performing a rodeo to destroy the titan as you will kill yourself. I learned that the hard way. Back to the rodeo, you can do the same for friendly titans, except you are perched on top of the titan as a second gunner for lack of a better description.

(Pictured above: Use of the free-run mechanic in-game)

The game also has a free-run mechanic allowing you to run on the side of walls of buildings and seamlessly jump from wall to wall, which is very useful when in need of higher ground. This is probably one of my favorite things about the game, because it can get me out of a jam if I get trapped.

The side arms include:
  1. RE-45 auto pistol (my favorite side arm, for being a fully automatic pistol with relatively decent recoil.)
  2. The Hammond P2011 (a precision semi-auto pistol, which comes in handy a lot. It is not only decent, but it happened to pack a punch for me in the game.)
Now to the Titan load outs:
  1. 40 mm Cannon (Semi-automatic 40 mm HE rounds, which I found to be unreliable in a crucial firefight at times, but one on one it did get the job done)
  2. XO-16 Chain gun ( High rate of precision fire)
  3. Quad Rocket (fires four rockets per volley which took about three to four shots to do sufficient damage to an enemy Titan)

Another great thing about the game is the ability to walk around as a pilot with the Titan following you around and guarding you when you feel you need to get pilot kills or when you find an area the Titan can simply not follow you. The Titans had only one core ability which was a damage core for increased damage. I am going to be honest, I happened to have some bad matches and moments, but a beta is meant to be problematic at times. Right now, I give this game even as it stands pre-launch, I would wager a 9 out of 10. Which says a lot considering the game has already won over 75 awards.

You thought I was going to make a Titanfall vs Call Of Duty joke somewhere along the line didn’t you? Well, I am a Battlefield kind of man, but I won’t do that. as it would not be professional. NOTE: Let’s play fair guys and gals. In closing, Respawn Entertainment has surely created a game that people will flock to. At the end of the day, it’s games that sometimes bring us more joy than movies ever can. Job well done Respawn.

I look forward to the midnight release at my local GameStop when the game touches down March 11th. To my readers, thank you for reading my first official entry, I shall have more for you in the following days! Have a great week and may the force be with you!