More Rise of the Triad Gameplay!

A newer, longer gameplay video of Rise of the Triad!

Get your Excalibats Ready!

So I wrote earlier about Rise of the Triad, and how excited my best friend was. Thanks to his exuberance, I wound up looking for an old copy of the game and tried it out myself. It really was one of those classic, fast paced, crazy first person shooters. Everything from the crazy weapons, to the breakneck pace of the game was just…fun.

Sadly, that’s not something I can say about a lot of games these days. There is always a caveat of sorts along with it. This game is fun IF…you play with friends, IF you do this, IF you do that. So far, only a handful of titles that I’ve played so far make me have fun from the get go.

Now, with this new gameplay reveal, I’m getting just as excited as my friend was for the newest iteration of Rise of the Triad. The zany humor of the devs is apparent in the video, my personal favorite being the Space Jam Slam Jam with a firestorm kill. All the crazy weapons, characters burping after getting health pickups, and crazy ludicrous gibbing all spell out FUN, and I cannot wait ti get my hands on this!