It Turns Out Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look Super Expensive

1. With a bit of gold spray paint, they can make those cheap magnetic alphabet letters look like pure luxury.

2. Looking for some new winter decor? Put the department store on hold spray some twigs, and they will look like this.

3. Give your rusty old faucet a matte black look. And you thought you had to go out and buy a new one.

4. It works for door knobs too.

5. Your christmas lights just got a whole lot fancier.

6. Theyll be asking you where you got those pots. And it will be your little secret to keep.

Or you can be all cool about it and show them this page. Your street cred will go through the roof.

7. What, you thought fabric is out of bounds? No, it most definitely is not.

8. Your wicker basket is now official cool.

9. And so is your no-longer-cheap IKEA trash bin.

10. Make Babys Breath wedding flowers look even better.

11. Spray paint can even make these $1 pails look elegant.

12. Give your fridge a retro look.

13. Make those rusty old vents look like new again.

14. Now this is awesome: spray paint your measuring tape and use it instead as a growth chart for the kids.

15. Make any cheap-looking brass fixtures look like oil rubbed bronze.

16. With Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, you can make your vases and lamps look like mercury glass.



17. Paint those cheap plastic garbage cans to create beautiful cottege-esque planters.



18. Whats your favorite color? Your patio furniture wants it all over.

19. Those cheap rubber mats look pretty awesome with some bright spray paint.

20. Ikea wants a word with you.



21. Your new dresser. And dont even think about using a brush. No, this is spray, all the way.