Inside Titanfall: Call of Duty Killer?

Can realistic shooters compete with agile robots and wall-running pilots?

The video Inside Titanfall, which originally was shown at E3, has been released for public access on the official Titanfall YouTube channel. The video shows off some of the cool features within the game and the thought processes the developers are bringing to the table.

The video shows actual gameplay, which is always a plus and a huge selling point for the game. Titanfall is almost two completely different games smashed into one.

“The titan vs titan experience could be its own game. And the pilot vs pilot could be its own game. But what we found was the most interesting things happen when the titan is fighting the pilot.” – Justin Hendry, Lead Designer

With the addition of titans as the “ultimate evolution of a battle tank” and pilots who can wall-run and double jump…this is a multiplayer shooter unlike any other. The real question is: how will it compete against the other dominant shooters, like Battlefield and Call of Duty?

Titanfall might be the COD killer

I’ve never really been a fan of Call of Duty, so it has always been frustrating to see it be so popular. It is the multiplayer shooter to play. I always preferred the old school games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Time Splitters and Halo 2 for my multiplayer shooters. Realistic shooters just don’t do it for me. I need a little pizazz or speed or sci-fi or…whatever the hell you call Time Splitters.

Titanfall has giant robots, Call of Duty: Ghosts has a dog. And I don’t think the dog can even wall-run…

Like many of you, I am looking forward to seeing exactly what this game will offer and I hope it plays as awesome as it looks. The combat, especially the wall-running, looks incredible. I’m looking forward to a non-realistic shooter to be popular again, the reign of COD is a bit boring at this point.

“We really wanted to stretch the limits of what an FPS multiplayer game can be and what you can do” – Drew McCoy, Producer

What do you think? Will Titanfall be the much needed COD killer? Or will COD be saved by Lassie?