Hrithik narrowly escapes Ataturk bombing

MUMBAI (Web Desk) – 42-year-old, upcoming period drama Mohenjo Daro star, Hrithik Roshan closely escaped the triple bombing at Turkish Ataturk airport, reported Wednesday.

Roshan, in a couple of messages on social media website stated that he missed a connecting flight in Turkey and was about to delay the return until Thursday which was when the next flight was.

However, Tom Cruise’s Knight and Day remake, Bang Bang actor was impressed by airport’s staffers who helped him and his sons in the issue.

The star probably for the first time since his debut travelled economy class and departed from Turkey few hours before attackers stormed the airport.

A triple suicide bombing and gun attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport has killed at least 36 people, including foreigners, with Turkey’s prime minister saying early signs pointed to an assault by the Islamic State group.