How To Vanish Wrinkles With a Simple 3 Ingredient Face Toner Recipe

vanish wtinkles

Do you have wrinkles and cant wait to get rid of them? This toner is the right remedy that will tone your face and help you get rid of those boring wrinkles.

With the aging process the cells of the skin are divided more slowly and the dermis becomes thinner. Certain wrinkles are caused by facial expressions, more prominent with age. Smoking also causes wrinkles, because skins production of collagen gets subdued by smoking, and the collagen is the main component of skins structure. If you really want to reduce or completely get rid of wrinkles, try this recipe.


  • 1 glass of rose water
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 glass of beer


  1. Make a juice from the two lemons.
  2. Than add the rose water and beer together and stir well.
  3. Clean your face thoroughly and gently apply the mixture on your face.
  4. In order to achieve the best results apply the mixture on your face before going to bed and leave it overnight.