Frightening Banner Appears on German Highway as Muslim Refugees Continue to Flood Europe, Reads Your Children Will Pray To Allah Or Die

For those that continue to sell the party line that these Muslim refugees are only seeking a better life, think again…

Europe is in dire crisis, a crisis in which they have yet to face the consequences of, however, they will face them soon enough. A perfect example of this is an incident that has just occurred in Germany where a banner with a frightening message appeared over a highway overpass reading the following:

Euer Kinder werden Allah beten oder sterben

Which translates in english to Your children will pray to Allah or die. Sounds like a group of individuals seeking to assimilate doesnt it?

Via Downtrend

First uncovered by, the photo purports to be of a sign at an overpass in Sindelfingen, Germany close to a Mercedes factory.

Europe has recently been slowly closing its borders to the millions of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Most of the migrants are Muslim and most are males.

This is happening while the Obama Regime is pushing with all of its might to bring as many of these individuals as they possibly can to the US. Specifically seeking to take on Syrian refugees, the Obama Regime aims to bring thousands of these unvetted individuals to a city near YOU.

Here is something else of dire importance to bear in mind:

Immigration jihad, or hijrah, is the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE. It was after the hijrah that Muhammad for the first time became not just a preacher of religious ideas, but a political and military leader. That was what occasioned his new revelations exhorting his followers to commit violence against unbelievers. Significantly, the Islamic calendar counts the hijrah, not Muhammads birth or the occasion of his first revelation, as the beginning of Islam, implying that Islam is not fully itself without a political and military component.

Still think this about the poor innocent child? Well, youre half right… It is about our children and their future. Are you willing to step up and defend it?