Footage Emerges: Is This Proof China has a City Floating in the Sky? (VIDEO)

For the past few days buzz has been building about images that show what appears to be a city floating in the sky. Rumors and theories have been all over the map. Some say its a secret NASA project. Some say its a Chinese project in the works for years and some say its Heaven.

No doubt, the images (and now video) show what pretty clearly appears to be skyscrapers floating high above the clouds.

Heres the video.

It appears to be a city, yes, but its not. Its known as a Fata Morgana and its an extremely rare type of mirage that develops when the sun only heats one layer of the atmosphere, leaving a layer below it a much cooler temperature.

When this happens the various layers have different density due to the varying temperatures. This causes havoc for light passing through the layers and the result is… a flying city.

How is it possible to see something like this? Well, its all in the mind. Its like an optical illusion because the brain cant comprehend the light as its refracted through the layers.

So there you have it!