Disney Cruises to Have Marvel Day at Sea

An animal shelter in Maui is allowing tourists and locals alike to borrow dogs for the day in what promises to be good for both man and dog.

The Maui Humane Society has created a program called “Beach Buddies” that allows for people to pick up a dog for a day of beach or hiking adventures.

All of the dogs in the program are currently up for adoption, so they not only get the chance to have some fun outside of the shelter while they wait to find a home, but they might end up winning over the hearts of their new family even faster.

Nancy Willis, who is the director of development for the Maui Humane Society says that the program is “such a great opportunity to get the dogs out of the shelter environment for a few hours. [It] allows the dog to have a chance to really relax.”

When participants show up to check a dog out for the day the Humane Society also includes a backpack with anything they might need including “adopt me” leashes that will help spread the word while they’re out and about during the day.