Dear Senator: I Know What You Did Last Night

Like me, you probably slept.

While most of America was sleeping, the RINO Senators were hard at work passing the BUDGET SURRENDER bill that increased government spending by $80-100 billion over the next two years AND gave President Obama a blank check to borrow as much money as he wants.

Here is a timeline on what the RINO Senators did last night:

At the strike of midnight, the Senate snuck back into session so Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) could move quickly on the three votes necessary to pass the BUDGET SURRENDER BILL, while you and I were fast asleep.

By 1:01 a.m., Senators approved the cloture vote to end debate, which required a super-minority of RINOs to team up with every Senate Democrat to pass.

Because the BUDGET SURRENDER BILL dramatically increases government spending and the deficit, the Senators then had to vote to waive all applicable budgetary discipline. (I kid you not. They actually had to agree to waive all budgetary discipline!)

Then, finally, at 2:43 a.m., the BUDGET SURRENDER bill passed the Senate.

So under the cover of darkness, at a time when nearly all American citizens were sleeping, Establishment GOP Senators increased government spending by $80-100 billion and gave President Obama a blank check!

And heres the kicker…

In both the House and the Senate, it took only a SUPER-MINORITY of Republican RINOS to get in the proverbial big government bed with Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and pass the BUDGET SURRENDER bill! Nineteen RINO Senators and eighty RINO Representatives gave Obama his blank check on spending.
+ + Tell the Senate RINOs: I Know What You Did Last Night!

What McConnell and the other RINOs did last night is a travesty. A betrayal. It was bad enough that they voted to increase government spending and give Obama a borrowing blank check. But to do it in the middle of the night, so as to avoid any public scrutiny is shameful and outrageous.

But heres whats worst of all…

Unless we let our voice be heard, Establishment Republicans will get away with their betrayal, feeling no pressure from citizens and facing no political repercussions.

Thats why Grassfire just set up a new I Know What You Did Last Night FaxFire that specifically targets the SENATE RINOs who betrayed us under the cover of darkness. At a special 33-percent discount, you can also fax the House RINOs who voted with Obama on Wednesday to increase government spending and give the President a blank check to run up the national debt even higher!

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Once again, a super MINORITY of RINOs have teamed up with Obama, Reid and Pelosi to pass the Presidents radical, reckless and far-Left agenda. They did it in the middle of the night while most Americans were asleep in hopes that you would not even realize what they did.

Send them a message now! Tell them, I know what you did last night.

Thanks in advance,


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