Daily Derp: Glenn Becks Paranoia About The Walking Dead Zombies Are ISIS! (VIDEO)

While its true that everything Glenn Beck says qualifies as daily derp, this little golden nugget of idiocy goes above and beyond:

And so it begins. It is here. I believe we are now in the early stages of World War III. And its going to get much, much worse. You need to prepare yourself.

Beck is an absolute loon. He offers no reason why we are about to set the globe on fire, just that people watching The Walking Dead in such record numbers proves it to be true:

Why are we watching The Walking Dead? Were watching The Walking Dead because we know the zombies arent real. And so it allows us to connect with what were really feeling but allows us to be in a safe zone because we know zombies arent real. Zombies are ISIS. Zombies is our economic peril. The rest of the show is what we say is coming.

So Beck says…What Beck is saying…Ummm…The reasoning behind Becks statement is…

Beck is insane.

Zombies are the people who follow imbeciles like Glenn Beck, stocking their survival bunkers with distilled water, peaches and ammunition for a million lethal zombie head shots.

Beck is obviously trying to make some kind of an analogy happen, unfortunately the only thing hes accomplished here is convincing the already walking brain-dead that make up his fan base that ISIS is an army of actual zombies.

Two and a half minutes of Beck is typically too much for anyone to handle, but taken for its comedic value this video is a must-watch.

H/T: Right Wing Watch | Image: Charles Topher

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    this guy needs to be in a psych ward….