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On today’s video, we take you around the WEIRDEST houses in the World!
Seriously, there are some bizarre ones!

For example;
Golf ball house, Arizona
Built in 1976 as “The Dinesphere – Space Station Restaurant,” it was empty until 1981. At that point a local from Wyoming snapped it up, gave it a makeover and turned it into a three-story house. As you do.

UFO House, Texas
Take a walk on the wild side in Texas and you might stumble upon this – an abandoned UFO-shaped house designed in the 60s by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. The idea is it can adapt to any terrain and so theoretically be moved to any place on Earth.

Upside down house, Trassenheide, Germany
The brainchild of Polish architects Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk, this upside-down abode was built in 2008 for an art exhibition.

The Boot, Tasman, New Zealand
But nothing beats staying in a boot. This bed and breakfast in Tasman, New Zealand, is now a hugely popular fairytale escape, receiving five bubbles on TripAdvisor and widespread coverage.

Amoeba House
Designed by Javier Senosiain, this ginormous gold-painted construction sits in a complex complete with a golf course and surrounded by acres of green land. It’s located 120 kilometers from the buzzing Brazilian city of São Paulo.

Star Trek House
Star Trek fans, prepare yourselves. Decked out like a Voyager Spaceship, this one-of-a-kind pad features voice-activated lighting, “transporters” and a computerized flight deck among its futuristic innovations.

Casa del Ancantilado, Spain
This psychedelic house by Gilbartolome Architects is ever so subtly built into a cliff-side in Salobreña, Spain.

Casa do Penedo, Portugal
Aptly named the House of Stone, this bizarrely shaped building in the Fafe Mountains of Portugal looks like it’s come straight out of the Flintstones. Either that or Mars.

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Luxury cave house, Spain
Over in Spain, this dwelling is built directly into the side of a hill in Galera. As you can see, it’s set in a pretty peaceful location.

The Piano House, China
Music fans unite; there seems to be a curious trend of building houses to look like musical instruments. This contemporary one comes complete with a glass cello staircase alongside a huge grand piano. Practical, obviously.

Cliff House, Australia
You’d have to be pretty brave to live in a box dangling off the edge of a cliff, but each to their own. Designed by Modscape, the five-storey home is currently just a concept, but given the others on this list it might well soon be a reality. Any takers?

Quetzalcoatl Nest, Mexico
The structure is built to fit with the natural caves, bends and hilltops of the Earth, with apartments spread over 16,500 square feet.