Batman: Arkham VR Is the First Must-Own VR Title

PS VR is officially here and with it comes a new offering from Rocksteady studios that puts you directly into the cape and cowl of the Batman. Batman: Arkham VR is the latest installment in the Arkham video game series. While it may not be a full-fledged Batman game, the experience is still spectacular and more than worth the $20 that the game is available for — if you have the PS VR headset.

Unlike past Arkham games, this made-for-VR installment does not include fighting because that is just not in the realm of (virtual) reality. This experience makes the world’s greatest detective be exactly that, a detective. Your job is to investigate the murder of a member of the Bat family. Arkham VR takes you from Wayne manor to the bat cave and into the streets of Gotham in order to find a killer. The twists and turns alone are enough to warrant buying this game.

It’s understandable for people to not want to fork over $500 plus for the PS VR just to play as Batman but I can’t stress enough how amazingly immersive this experience is. After putting on the bat suit, you look in a mirror and you’re actually THE Batman. The first time is incredible and, from my experience, the second, third, fourth and fifth time are just as amazing.

Again, it’s understandable for people to not want to buy this pricey piece of equipment just for a single game but if you have a PS VR headset then this is the first must-own title on the market. The Arkham series has used the saying ‘Be the Batman’ before, but in this instance they actually mean for you to BE the Batman.

Our Rating


If you have ever dreamt of being Batman for a day, then this game is perfect for you. Dreams really do come true in Gotham.

Reviewed On: Playstation 4