Adorable Girl Explains Why She Isnt a Princess

Every girls dream is to be a princess and to be best friends with the likes of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Ariel.

But one little girl explains to her father why it is simply not possible for this dream to become a reality.

Joanna tells her daddy that without sparkly bracelets, sparkly headbands and fancy dress-up dresses she is simply an ordinary girl.

In this super-cute viral video JoJo informs her dad that he cant call her a princess if she doesnt have these essential items.

It appears we may have a lot to learn from this girl though as she casually informs us that princesses dont take showers. Presumably, this is because they naturally smell so sweet.

She presents her argument with several pieces of supporting evidence to cameraman dad, making it very hard for anyone to challenge her.This gutsy youngster also has the courage to bring her dad back down to reality as well.Im a king, he says.

No, youre not. Youre a dad, responds JoJo.

Luckily there is a happily ever after, as it turns out Joanna has since received a new dress and a bracelet and is now daddys little princess.

We have a funny feeling that this is not the last we will be seeing of JoJo and her sassy ways.