A ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Has Been Confirmed And We Can’t Wait


Tina Fey has just got us all super excited as she confirms Mean Girls: The Musical is in the works!

The 2004 chick-flick is still our favorite girly movie to this day and we still want to be part of Regina George’s clique.

The musical adaptation of the amazing comedy Mean Girls is currently in the making and will be ready to storm Broadway soon, despite Fey joking it will be 2027 by the time we see it (we hope not!).

Fey herself is part of the team behind creating the musical and confirmed during an episode of Watch What Happens Live that the film will be making the transformation to stage.

Tina and her husband composer Jeff Richmond are planning for more Broadway-style music in the show rather than the pop style tunes you might expect.

She admits that the plot is still not finished but they are very close to closing in on all the scenes.

Fey said, ‘They’re currently having trouble figuring out where the first act would end, and what would be the big “11 o’clock number,” or the climactic song toward the end of the second half: “[It] might be the girl fight.’

The Paramount film made up to $129 million from it’s worldwide success, so who knows what the musical adaptation will make?


Tina Fey, who played the drug-acused maths teacher Ms Norbury, sadly said she won’t be reprising her role on stage and she isn’t hopeful that any of the other original Mean Girls cast will either.

But hey, we look forward to seeing the brand new Regina, Cady, Gretchen and Karen, performing Jingle Bell Rock right on the Broadway stage!