7 Habits Of People Who Age Well


When people guess my age they’re usually 10-20 years off the mark. Luckily for me, they guess younger. I can attest that the habits listed in the linked article below are true. I don’t always practice all of them, but I do practice some of them always. And it’s never too late to start aging well! If you’ve ever known someone that has recovered from depression or trauma, you know that they bounce back and look better when it’s all over. By taking on a new attitude and improving your health and outlook, you can reap the same effect.

Abigail Wise, writing for Real Simple Online, has detailed in her article seven ways to not only age well, but to combat aging. With dietary adjustments, positive outlook, skin protection, an active social life, and more, you can make a difference in both how you look and how you feel. The first step is belief – think positive! Click the link below and find out what changes you can make today to have a younger and brighter tomorrow!