20 Gorgeous 5-Minute Hairstyles to Save You some Snooze Time

Ive never been a morning person, and Ive resigned myself to the fact that that is a part of me that will probably never change. Ive come to live with it, although, I do find that I have many more rushed mornings than the average person does. So, for those mornings that I dont have a lot of time to play with but still want my hair to look fabulous, I have compiled this collection of 20 styles that really wont take more than five quick minutes. Im sure each and every one of you will be able to relate!

Quick Curls

Quick Curls

Everyone loves a good curly do, but all that sectioning can get a bit tiresome. The fastest way to go from naturally straight to curly is to actually tie up your hair in a very high ponytail and then curl from there. It is so much easier!

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The Glam Roll

The Glam RollThis is a great style to get that bit of glam without spending hours in front of the mirror. The subtle hint of pin-up girl style is just enough without being looking too costumey. An elegant cat eye look would complement this perfectly!

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Half Crown Braid

Half Crown BraidI really love this hairdo because you get to show off your gorgeous locks while still keeping them pulled back. Not only is it practical, chic and romantic, but its also really simple to do since youre basically just making two braids and wrapping them.

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Short Hair Chignon

Short Hair ChignonIf you struggle to find classy styles for short hair then youll absolutely love this chignon! Although it looks quite sophisticated, its actually so effortless to do two quick twists and some pinning and youre ready to tackle the day.

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The Messy Bun

The Messy BunEffortless cool is one of my favorite styles, especially since its not something that everyone can pull off, but luckily, practically anyone can certainly achieve this hairdo. Next time that youre having a bit of a bad hair day or if you dont have time to wash it, give this easy messy bun a try.

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Side Mermaid Tail

Side Mermaid TailIm sure you know about fishtails, but are you familiar with the mermaid tail? I cant believe how easy it is to get a look this eye-catching. It may look like some crazy complication of six strands braided into each other, but all you actually do is just pin two regular braids together.

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Swept Aside

Swept AsideThis side swept style is so old Hollywood and glamour; its a real classic look thats also really easy to achieve. And if youre seriously pressed for time, skip the curling and just sweep the hair au naturale this works just as well with wavy or straight hair.

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Braided Bun

Braided BunThis gorgeous updo is perfect for a wedding in spring because its just so soft and romantic. You also dont need such long hair to pull this off just make sure to pull the braid apart a bit to give your bun a bit more texture and volume if you have thinner or shorter hair.

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Faux Bangs

Faux BangsI think a lot of us have felt the desire to get bangs cut but didnt have the guts to actually go through with it. Well this tutorial shows you how to fake that within mere minutes and get a really rocking hairstyle just for the night.

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Fast French Roll

Fast French RollThe humble French roll is a classic evening do for a reason its popularity has never faded. This elegant style is perfect for short to medium hair, and its surprisingly easy to pull off! If you want to dress it down a bit, just pull some strands loose so that its not so tight and perfect.

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Braided French Twist

Braided French TwistPeople enjoy reinventing classics, and luckily, sometimes they get it so right this braided twist on an old favorite is absolutely stunning! And, as you may have guessed, getting this style is so much easier than it looks.

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Waterfall Braid

Waterfall BraidA waterfall braid really looks like a waterfall made of wisps of hair, so you need clean, shiny locks for this one. The soft, semi-crown look is perfect if youre trying out a bit of boho chic, although it really looks fantastic for any occasion.

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Looped Twist Ponytail

Looped Twist PonytailThis interesting side ponytail looks both complicated and simple at the same time. Thankfully, the tutorial shows just how easy it is! We have a whole other collection of jazzed-up ponytails if youre looking for more ways to transform the traditional.

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The Tuck and Cover

The Tuck and CoverDont you just love it when the name of a hairstyle describes the exact process? With the help of two thin headbands, tucking and covering really is all you have to do to get this gorgeous look in no more than five minutes.

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Tiny Hair Bow

Tiny Hair BowAlthough the big hair bow may be a thing of the past now that Lady Gagas moved on, the baby hair bow is still totally adorable. Its quick and easy, and it just gives that boring everyday hairstyle that little bit of fun and edge.

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Side Twist Bun

Side Twist BunThis style is especially perfect for those mornings when you dont even have time to dry your hair properly. Of course it will look stunning with dry hair, but it actually looks just as good even if its still a bit damp.

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The Headband Bun

The Headband BunI think its fun to incorporate a thick headband or scarf every now and then for a bit of a retro look. Thankfully, this one is really easy to pull off since you just coil and tuck your hair into the back of the headband no pins or elastics needed!

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Twisted Pullback

Twisted PullbackA simple pullback, half up half down look is always an easy one to go with, but if you want just a little bit of added glamour, twist the strands before pulling them up. Its simple and quick, yet still so very pretty.

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Upside-Down Braided Bun

Upside-Down Braided BunInstead of just a regular old bun on top of your head, why not give it a little something extra to really make those heads turn? The upside-down braid at the back of your head really gives a simple look a touch of drama… without too much effort.

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Rope Twist

Rope TwistI used to make my hair like this when I was a little girl; just look how cool it still looks! If youre bored of the regular braids and ponytails, then this is an easy way to take it up a notch. And if youre going from night to day without much time, simply twist it all into a bun.

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