15 Places In The World Where Selfies Are Banned

Selfies have become a huge part of our contemporary world.

Whether they’re used to shamelessly pose, be funny or slightly cringe, we never would have imagined that they’d be considered dangerous.

It has now gone as far as them being banned in certain places around the world!

We have all heard the tragic stories of people risking and losing their lives whilst having a selfie on the edge of cliffs and other crazily high landmarks.

The selfie definitely isn’t worth it!

Before you set off on your travels this year, be aware of these places where selfies are totally forbidden.

You can get charged thousands if you even attempt to take one!

1. New York, USA


Don’t worry, selfies aren’t banned everywhere in NYC but the the state decided to ban all selfies with big cats and tigers. Lots of pictures of men posing with the large animals surfaced on Tinder, so NY State took action and banned them completely!