15 Movies That Will Star ‘The Walking Dead’ Actors In 2016

When we watch The Walking Dead, we can’t help but feel like the characters are real people. We get so engrossed in their on-screen lives, we forget that they’re working actors who need other jobs to get the money in.

So, it always comes as a shock when a member of the TWD cast are seen in other projects – although, we can obviously see why; they’re incredible actors.

So, if you’re intrigued as to where you might see your favourite member of The Walking Dead pop up this year – take a look at these movies that should definitely be on your ‘must watch’ list in 2016…;

1. Jon Bernthal In Viena And The Fantomes


This coming of age tale stars Dakota Fanning who tours around North America with a punk band in the 1980’s. Zoe Kravitz will also be working alongside John and Dakota. The release date is still to be confirmed.