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Like snowflakes, no two sunsets are ever alike. There is certainly no shortage of places around the world to watch our favorite star sink beyond the horizon, igniting the sky with radiant hues that cast magic over the surrounding scenery. Whether you are atop a mountain peak, overlooking the ocean or at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, watching a sunset can be a romantic, photogenic and awe-inspiring experience. Orange, pink, purple, yellow and red infuse the dusky view – perhaps with a green flash, if you’re lucky. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the colorful canvas in front of you really exists. These are our top 10 spectacular places to watch the sunset.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

There is no one best place to watch the sunset in the Grand Canyon. There’s just good, better and more amazing places. Everywhere you turn, the sinking sun decorates the sky and canyon rocks with a blaze of color. Some of the preferred photo ops are the scenic viewpoints along the south rim of the canyon. Yavapai Point provides one of the best panoramic views of the inner canyon while the Toroweap Overlook lets you gaze over the river. The light and shadow play at dusk makes for some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. To witness a truly spectacular sunset, try taking a helicopter ride over the canyon.