10 Of The World’s Wackiest, Most Original & Just Plain Crazy Urinals

I’d hate to run into this guy after downing a six-pack.

I'd hate to run into this guy after downing a six-pack.

Ah, America… land of the free… land of opportunity… and land of really boring f**king urinals.

Guys, when was the last time you walked into a bathroom in the U.S. and saw anything other than a plain white latrine? OK, OK, the occasional horse trough-style may mix things up a bit, but they aren’t any less “blah.”

However, our friends in other nations are a little more creative when it comes to urinal design — at least judging by what I found on the internet. Some may not strike you as a toilet that you’d ever want to encounter, but you can’t deny that they’re at least enjoyable to observe.

The big mouth above looks like it would be in the sketchiest fun house ever, but it’s actually located at Universal City Walk in Osaka Japan. (I wouldn’t recommend using it if you notice a power cord connected.)

Take a look at our gallery of other wacky urinals from around the world and let us know in the comments section what drug you think each of their designers was smoking.